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Welcome to Colour Me Pretty! We are an online nail and beauty supply store providing high-quality gel nail supplies, cosmetics, and more to nail technicians and makeup artists everywhere. Discover our range of beauty brands and cosmetic supplies online today or contact us directly to enquire about our exclusive product lines, available only to Trade Professionals.

Gel Nail Supplies

Currently boasting close to 1,000 colours, our gel nail polish range contains a vast array of options to suit every style. At Colour Me Pretty, we supply and deliver our gel nail polish throughout Australia and beyond, helping you create stunning nail art for yourself and your customers every time.

From subtle nude shades and soft pastels to vibrant neons and striking glitter gels, our polishes are sure to provide the captivating, highly pigmented results you’re looking for. Depending on your needs, you can either order our gel nail polish in bulk or purchase your chosen shades individually. Browse our entire collection of Colour Me Pretty gel nail supplies and shop online with us today.

Oulac Cosmetics

At Colour Me Pretty, we are a proud distributor of Oulac Cosmetics. 100% vegan and cruelty-free, this global beauty brand empowers women to embrace and express their own unique beauty by creating products that make them feel confident, beautiful, and attractive. Perfect your base with their nourishing foundations, create stunning eye looks with their versatile eyeshadow palettes, and achieve long-lasting lip colours with their moisturising lipsticks and glosses.

With a vast array of makeup products, gift sets, and accessories to choose from, you can rest assured that you’ll find everything you need in our Oulac Cosmetics range.

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Fluid Nail Design

We are absolutely thrilled to be the new master distributor for Fluid Nail Design Australia by Mancine Cosmetics. Not only have we been personal patrons of their products for many years, but our founder also used to educate for the brand in the past. Our strong history with Mancine Cosmetics makes us feel both honoured and privileged to have this opportunity, and we know we will do the brand justice!

With a range of cleansers, dehydrators, cuticle oils, and more on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect nail prep products for your needs. Take a look through our entire collection of Fluid Nail Design retail products, or contact our team today to gain access to our exclusive Trade Only supplies.

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At Colour Me Pretty, we stock a vast assortment of nail supplies and cosmetic goods, helping beauty enthusiasts across Australia and beyond procure the ideal products for their requirements.

Whether you’re a seasoned beauty therapist or you’re just starting out on your professional journey, Colour Me Pretty can provide the high-quality cosmetic solutions you’re looking for. We have a range of applicators, accessories, gel nail supplies, makeup, and more to suit every style and skill level.

Browse through our complete product range and shop online with us today!

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