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Colour me pretty nails
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Colour Me Pretty FAQs Page


1. What payment method do you take?
Paypal, EFTPOS, Bank Transfer (funds are to be cleared prior to goods being despatched, Cash (In Person Only)

2. Do you have a showroom where I can see the colours in person & or pick up orders?
Currently we are an online only business. We do have the option for pick up once your order has been placed online.

3. Can I include Top & Base coats in a bundle deal?
Yes, however only the 10ml bottles will be sent. Items excluded from the bundles are Cats Eye & Holographic Range.
4. Once I have placed my order on the website, how long before it is sent?
Orders are posted out on a Monday, Wednesday & a Friday morning. Provided your orders are received prior to 9 am on these days then they will be posted on that day. If not they will be posted on the next posting day.
5. How will my order be sent?
We currently use Australia Post. You pay standard post prices on items up to 5kg and we send them Express Post at our extra expense. For large items such as Lamps, Starter Kits & bulk gel polish (generally over 100 bottles) over 5kg you are given the option to pay Standard or Express Post. Delivery times will differ depending on locations. You can check this on the Australia Post website. All orders have a tracking number.
6. How can I check the status of my order?
Once I have lodged your order at the post office I update your order with your tracking number. You can use this number to check on its whereabouts on the Australia Post website. To get into your order you just need to go to our website and log into your account and click on order management. Our website should also have sent you an email with these details.
7. Do you accomodate wholesale orders?
We sure do. We have a Buy In Bulk section on the website where you will find some awesome deals to save you money when you purchase multiple bottles.
8. Why is my Top Coat sticky?
Every layer of gel polish once cured should have a "tacky", inhibition layer. This is what helps each layer adhere to each other. Use an alcohol based product like Cleanser Plus or Isopropyl Alcohol to remove your "tacky" layer of your Top Coat once cured. sure do.
9. What is the No Wipe Top Coat?
Exactly what it says, it leaves no "tacky" layer. It is recommended to double the cure time for the No Wipe Top Coat. It has also been found that the No Wipe Top Coat is extremely sensitive to dust, especially airborn dust not visible to the eye. This can sometimes leave the finish with tiny pin head like spots or bubbles. The easiest ways to reduce this from happening is to wipe the final cured colour coat with Cleanser Plus prior to applying the No Wipe Top Coat or apply a second coat and cure.

10. How long do I cure my Colour Me Pretty Gel Polish?
Firstly you need to know your lamp type and wattage. Then adjust them to the times below.
UV 36 watt lamp requires a 2 minute cure per coat.
LED 12 watt lamp requires a 1 minute cure per coat.

11. Why is my Gel Polish lifting/peeling?
Product can lift/peel due to many reasons. What you use your nails for plays the biggest part in maintaining your manicure. Your nails are "Jewels, not Tools", so in saying that, be careful with them. Always use gloves when doing dishes or cleaning as chemicals can cause Gel Polish to lift. Swimming within 24 hours of having your gel polish applied can cause lifting. Medications can cause lifting, or even change in hormones.
The nail plate must be prepped properly for ultimate adhesion. Removal of all true cuticle and dehydration with a product like Isopropyl Alcohol or Cleanser Plus should be done. Capping your free edge is also a major must.
Keeping your layers thin, even if it means doing an extra coat to get the desired colour depth will also help with a lasting manicure.