Dip Powder – Without A Stitch

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Dip Powder – Without A Stitch

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You are purchasing a Dip System powder “Without A Stitch” from our “In The Nude Collection”.

Please note we do our very best to take images as true to colour as possible but due to different digital screens some colours may appear slightly different.

Colour Me Pretty Stuck on You Dip System is a fabulous alternative system for doing nails from Gel Polish & Acrylic.

At Colour Me Pretty we love a “HIGH Shine” finish & nothing else beats the “High Shine” of a UV Top Coat.  Our instructions recommend finishing off your Stuck On You Dip Service with our Diamond Gloss Top Coat.  We do explain to you a couple of other options, however you won’t find the shine anywhere near as good using these other options.  Our Dip System Top Coat is not recommended as a finished product as it leaves an orange peel-like finish.  It is part of the Dip System process & still needs to be applied as it does provides additional strength.

We recommend our Stuck on You Dip System as a natural nail overlay.  It can be used with tips to build enhancements, but we recommend these enhancements be kept short (just above the finger tip) as you cannot create a c-curve or apex with dip systems like you can with other Nail Enhancement products.  Not having the correct build on an enhancement, can cause permanent damage to the natural nail.

Protect – Protect your Product

Following these guidelines will ensure your Dip Powders remain free from contamination & will ensure your clients hands are 99% germ free.
Inspect – Inspect clients hands thoroughly
Ensure that your clients hands are clean & free of any contraindications.  Inspect your client’s hands carefully (being careful to check underneath the clients nails).  Should you find any contraindications on your clients hands or fingers during inspecting them, you need to decide at that point if you will continue the service at all or choose not to apply the product to a particular finger.  If you continue the service & expose your product to whatever the contraindication is that the client has, then you will need to dispose of any powder you used on that client so as not to contaminate any other clients.
Cleanse – Have your client Clean their hands thoroughly
Ask the client to wash their hands thoroughly.  You may need to provide a scrubbing brush for them to use if needed.  Its important they dry their hands well too.
Sanitise – Sanitise your clients hands

Apply Hand Sanitiser to the clients hands after they have washed them.  Ensure the client keeps their hands on the table at all times so as not to contaminate them.

You may choose to spoon the powder onto the nails as opposed to dipping the nails.  This is totally fine as it really is a personal preference.  Provided you have taken steps to Protect, Inspect, Clean & Sanitise then your clients hands will be at least 99% Germ Free.

Colour Me Pretty Stuck On You Dip System contains a 4th bottle of liquid called Brush Saver (4).  If at any time any of your brushes become clogged with product, splay, or just don’t seem right, simply swap it over with the Brush Saver Brush.  The ingredients in the Brush Saver Bottle will break down any product on the brush & have your brush back to its normal condition in no time.

Clean your Dip System Base & Top Coat Bottles & Bottle Necks after each client to ensure product does not set & cause the lids to become sealed shut.  Clean them with paper towel & acetone.  If a bottle lid does becomes stuck, soak the whole bottle in hot water for a few minutes, then gently try to open it.

Colour Me Pretty Stuck On You Dip System contains strong adhesives.
Keep them out of reach of children.
Do not inhale them.
Do not allow the liquid adhesives to come into contact skin.


  1. Inspect clients nails for contraindications & cleanliness.  Have the client wash their hands thoroughly.  Apply Hand Sanitiser to the clients nails.
  2. Prep Nails: Shape the free edge, push cuticles back, dehydrate nails using Cleanser Plus or Colour Me Pretty Nail Prep & apply Colour Me Pretty Primer. Please note the use of Primer is a personal choice.
    If you are using Nail Tips to create extra length then apply them now at this point.
  3. Apply 1 thin coat of Dip System Base Coat (1) to your entire nail & dip the nail into the powder. We recommend you do the first dip into Clear Powder.  Before you reapply Dip System Base Coat ensure it has dried & use a soft dust brush to brush off any excess powder that hasn’t adhered properly.  Repeat Step 3 with Coloured Powders until you have achieved the desired thickness, coverage & depth of colour.  We recommend at least 1 x Clear Powder Dip, 2 x Coloured Powder Dip.
  4. Apply Dip System Activator (2) to the entire nail. This product helps to set & seal the powder & base.  Ensure the Activator has dried before moving on. This won’t take long
  5. Apply a very thin layer of Dip System Top Coat (3) & wait for it to dry completely. This can take a couple of minutes but is generally quite a quick process.
  6. Apply Dip System Activator (2) once more to help set the Top Coat.
  7. Once the Activator is dried ensure you wipe the Entire Nails with CMP Cleanser Plus to remove all traces of Activator from the nails. Failure to remove any traces of Activator will cause your major issues with your next steps.
  8. If any nails require finish filing, then do so now. Ensure your cuticles are finished filed smoothly to ensure the product doesn’t lift.  Remove all filing dust from the nail surface.You know need to decide how you will finish the service.a) Apply Gel Polish Top Coat – Recommended
    The most convenient & effective finish is to simply apply a thin coat of our Colour Me Pretty Diamond Gloss Top Coat & Cure.b) Apply Gel Polish Colour – Recommended
    If you have dipped in Clear Powder you can finish off the service as you would with the application of Colour Me Pretty Gel Polish Colours & Colour Me Pretty Diamond Gloss Top Coat.c) Buff to a High Shine
    Apply another thin coat of the Colour Me Pretty Stuck On You Dip System Top Coat (3) to nails and wait for it to dry completely.  Lightly file the Top Coat back & then buff to a High Shine using our Colour Me Pretty 300/3000 grit High Shine Buffer.  This process is laborious & antiquated but effective if you don’t wish to use a lamp to finish off the service.  Also, please note, this finish is no where near as shiny as apply UV Top Coat.


We recommend filing off the Dip System.  Filing is a more time efficient process of removing.
Dip System will soak off in Acetone however this is a much longer process than filing below, the thicker the product the longer it will take to soak off.

Complete Removal by Filing
1.  File off majority of product from the nails using a 100 or 150 grit file or using an eFile.  Don’t file the natural nail.
2.  Use a 180 grit file to gently remove product closer to the natural nail.
3.  Use a 240 grit file or buffer to gently remove the last of any product and or blend the remaining product into the natural nail.
4.  Use our High Shine buffer to bring the natural nail to a high shine.

Complete Removal by Filing & Soaking
1.  File off majority of product from the nails using a 100 or 150 grit file or using an eFile.  Don’t file the natural nail.  If you applied a Clear Dip first, then simply file until you have removed all Dip colour.
2.  Soak the remaining product in Acetone using hot water or a heat pack to speed up the process.  After 5 minutes use Gel Polish Remover Tool to gently scratch at the product on the nail.  Repeat this process until all product has been removed from the nails.  You should not need to apply force to remove product, you may just need to soak for longer.
3.  Use our High Shine buffer to bring the natural nail to a high shine.

Refill – Colour Change
1.  If you applied a Clear Dip first, then simply file until you have removed all Dip colour.  Don’t file the natural nail.  Remove any dust from the nails and start your new application from Step 1 in the Application Instructions.

Refill – Same Colour
1.  File down Top Coat.  Start your refill from Step 1 in the application Instructions however you only need to apply product to the regrowth area on the nail.