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Colour Me Pretty Galaxy Lamp: The Perfect Fusion of Style and Performance!
Colour Me Pretty Galaxy Lamp—a cutting-edge 54-watt LED lamp designed to deliver flawless curing while adding a touch of celestial beauty to your workspace.
This lamp combines style and functionality like no other. Its sleek and modern design is guaranteed to enhance any salon or home nail station, adding an aura of elegance to your nail art experience.
Equipped with powerful 54-watt LED technology, our Galaxy Lamp ensures rapid and efficient gel polish curing. Say goodbye to long curing times and hello to speedy, professional results. With its advanced LED bulbs, this lamp provides a consistent and even distribution of light, allowing for flawless and durable finishes that will leave you in awe.
Experience convenience at its finest. The Colour Me Pretty Galaxy Lamp features a spacious interior, accommodating both hands and feet comfortably. No more struggling to fit your fingers or toes into cramped spaces—this lamp is designed to prioritize your comfort and convenience.
With its user-friendly interface, the Galaxy Lamp offers multiple timer settings, allowing you to customize your curing experience based on the product curing requirements. Choose from preset time options or set your desired duration for precise control over your gel polish process.
But the benefits don’t stop there. Our Galaxy Lamp is designed with your safety in mind. The strategically positioned LED bulbs emit low heat with an all new “low heat mode,” ensuring a comfortable and safe curing experience for your hands and nails. The lamp’s smart motion sensor activates the light as you insert your hand, conserving energy.
The Colour Me Pretty Galaxy Lamp is not just a tool; it’s a statement piece. Its captivating galaxy-inspired design will transport you to a world of wonder every time you use it. Experience the perfect fusion of style, performance, and celestial charm.

The Galaxy Lamp Features:
* 30 Second Cure for CMP Gel Polishes
* Removable Tray for Ease of Cleaning
* Large LCD Display Screen
* Heat Dissipation Holes – to help cool the machine
* Automatic Sensor turns machine on & off when a hand is entered & removed
* Automatic Sensor – Starts/Ends Timer
* 4 Timer Buttons 10/30/60 & 99sec Low Heat Mode
* Beads precisely positioned for even curing, particularly in thumb area
* AU Plug (approx 144cm long)
* Will easily fit a Full Hand or Foot
* Made from ABS Plastic making it Strong yet Lightweight
* Exquisite workmanship

The Galaxy Lamp Specifications:
Power: 54w/48w
Colour: White
Timer: 10/30/60secs & Low Heat Mode
Lifetime: Approx 50,000hours
Cures: UV & LED Gel
Wave Length: 365nm+405nm
Rated input: 100-240V,50-60hz
Rated output: DC12V

6 month Warranty on Mechanical Performance of the Lamp. Misuse will not be covered.