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Cat’s Eye Enchantress—a mesmerizing collection that will add a touch of mystery and allure to your nails. Prepare to be spellbound by the mesmerizing colours and captivating cat’s eye effect that will make your nails truly magical.
With a range of captivating colours, from the deep and mysterious “Bellatrix” to the captivating and mystical Morgana,” our Cat’s Eye Gel Polish collection is designed to bring out your inner enchantress. Watch as the unique magnetic effect creates a fascinating cat’s eye pattern, adding depth and dimension and an extra touch of magic to your manicure.
Experience the allure of our Enchantress Collection. With our gel polishes, your nails will radiate mystery, elegance, and an otherworldly charm that will leave everyone spellbound.
Indulge in the captivating charm of our Cat’s Eye Enchantress Collection. Let your nails reflect the hypnotic beauty of a cat’s eye and embrace the intrigue that surrounds you. It’s time to awaken your inner feline and let your nails become a work of art that commands attention.
9D, two tone, constantly changing colours in different light, you get a whole lot more than first meets the eye with this collection. Most effective when applied over black or dark gel polish.

Requires a magnet to achieve the Cats Eye Effect.  Purchase either our Square, Flower, Multifunction Magnet or our Pen Magnet to create even more designs.

Magnets are NOT included with the purchase of a Cats Eye Gel Polish. You MUST purchase magnets seperately.  Magnets can be found under Accessories.

Cats Eye Gel Polish can also be worn without the Cats Eye Effect.

Instructions for Achieving Cats Eye Effect.
1. Apply Base Coat. Cure. (Skip this step if applying over Enhancements)
2. Apply 1 coat of Black Caviar Gel Polish.  Cure.
3. Apply a 2nd coat of Black Caviar Gel Polish.  Cure.
4. Apply a thin coat of Cats Eye Gel Polish but DO NOT cure.
5. Hold the magnet 1mm from the Gel Polish. Do not touch the gel polish.
(If you do touch it, simply run your gel polish brush over the nail again to smooth it out,
there is no need to remove it and do it again.) Depending on what way you want the
Cats Eye Look to run, will depend on what angle you hold the magnet.
Hold the magnet in place for 10 to 30 seconds.
The longer you hold it the more intense the cats eye look will be.
6. Cure when you are happy with your effect.
7. If you need a second coat then repeat from Step 2.
8. Apply Top Coat.
9. Cure.

Colours can be purchased individually – see individual listings.

We have done our absolute best to photograph these colours as true to life as we can however some colours can be a little deceiving and tricky.  Check the description of each colour to verify the colour,  or refer to our swatching videos on our gallery website, or refer to our Facebook Product support group to help verify colours or contact us directly at our Social Media Message Services.

For assistance on how to use our products refer to our Product Demo videos on our gallery website.

Please Note –
Gel Polish requires shaking/stirring every single time you use it.
Ensure it is stored and used away from any form of UV light, including Overhead Lamps, Curing Lamps, Windows etc
Ensure you do not let product come into contact with skin.
Keep all coats very thin.

Lamp Cure Times
CMP Galaxy Lamp – 54 Watt Wavelength 365nm – 405nm Cure each coat for 30 seconds
CMP Aurora Lamp – 96 Watt Wavelength 365nm – 405nm Cure each coat for 30 seconds
UV -36 Watt Wavelength 200nm – 400nm Cure each coat for 2 minutes
LED – 12 Watt Wavelength 400nm – 450nm Cure each coat for 1 minute