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Presented beautifully in our new Glass Dropper 15ml Bottles, yet still maintaining our signature teeny, tiny, flowers and with new 6 scents, our CMP Cuticle Oils are better than ever.

Classy & Sophisticated your clients will adore these gorgeous products.  Moving with the times and maintain the highest levels of hygiene with our new droppers our cuticle oils are not only look adorable but they are nourishing on your skin too.  Plus they smell amazing!

This bottle was originally intended to be a musk fragrance, however when we received it we were disappointed as it really has no scent at all.  So we are selling it as Fragrance Free to avoid any disappointment you as a consumer may experience.

You are purchasing our Fragrant Free Cuticle Oil – Why not add your own scent to it with your favourite essential oil?  Or just simply keep it as no/low scent for sensitive clients.

Why not onsell to your clients?  Perfect way to make a few extra dollars as well as train your clients to look after their skin.

As our cuticle oil goes direct onto skin it is recommend that you do a small skin spot test to check for any allergies.

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