D.I.Y. Gel 30ml

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D.I.Y. Gel

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Introducing D.I.Y. Gel: Unleash Your Creativity!

Do you yearn to express your unique style through your nail art? Look no further than DIY Gel, the revolutionary product from Colour Me Pretty that allows you to mix your own colours with ease and freedom!

With DIY Gel, you are the artist and your nails are the canvas. Our 30ml bottle comes equipped with a convenient dropper, making it effortless to measure and mix the perfect amount of DIY Gel. Simply add a few drops to a tile or palette, and let your imagination take flight!

The possibilities are truly endless with DIY Gel. You can mix it with pigments, glitters, gel polishes, and other nail art mediums to create your very own custom colours. Blend shades to achieve the perfect pastel, bold and vibrant hues, or even mesmerizing shimmers – it’s all up to you! Unleash your inner artist and watch as your nail art creations come to life in stunning, personalized colours.

To kickstart your DIY Gel journey, we’re delighted to offer you two free random pigments. These stunning pigments will ignite your inspiration and provide you with the tools to start creating straight away. Explore the endless combinations and unleash your creativity like never before!

Why settle for generic colours when you can be the designer of your own gel polish? DIY Gel empowers you to customize your nail art, ensuring that your style is as unique as you are. Stand out from the crowd, express your individuality, and turn heads with every stroke of your DIY Gel-enhanced brush.

Whether you’re a professional nail artist or a passionate DIY enthusiast, DIY Gel is your go-to solution for unlocking a world of colour possibilities. Join the vibrant community of artists who have embraced DIY Gel and experience the joy of creating your own one-of-a-kind gel polish.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your nail art. Get your very own DIY Gel today and unlock the artist within you. It’s time to paint, create, and shine with DIY Gel from Colour Me Pretty!

Instructions for use –
1. Use the handy dropper handle to drop whatever quantity of D.I.Y. Gel on a tile or palette that you need.
2. Add whatever medium you want to add to it; glitter, pigment, gel polish etc and mix with the DIY Gel until you are happy with the blend.
3. Use a Nail Art Brush (CMP Rounded Gel Brush is good for this) to then apply your new creation to the nail/surface.
4. Cure your creation.  Our DIY Gel cures in the same time as our gel polish does however we would recommend 60 second curing to ensure a full cure.
5. Apply another coat if desired and cure or go straight into your other art.  Apply CMP Top Coat and Cure.

Please Note –

Ensure DIY Gel is stored and used away from any form of UV light, including Overhead Lamps, Curing Lamps, Windows etc
Ensure you store the bottle in an upright position.
Ensure you do not let product come into contact with skin.