Discontinued – Thermochromic Liquid

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Discontinued – Thermochromic Liquid

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Discontinued Item

Say Hello to one of the coolest trends to hit the nail world.

Constantly changing colour as its environment changes temperature.  This liquid air dries, so no need to cure.  However because it does air dry, it needs to be applied thinly to reduce drying time.  This product is great for accentuating your nail art and that is how we recommend you will get the most out of it.

We do NOT recommend our Thermochromic Liquid to be used as a full coverage nail, as it has been known to peel.

Ensure you stir this product well if it looks like its set.

Expect only minimal product in the container when you receive it.

However our Educators have had success with a full nail application the following way.
1.  Apply your Gel Polish colour, Cure.  Remove Inhibition Layer.
2.  Apply Thermochromic Liquid VERY Thinly.  If doing a full coverage ensure you leave a small gap to encapsulate the product and help prevent it from peeling.  Allow liquid to completely dry, this drying process can take up to 10 minutes hence why it needs to be applied thinly.
3.  Apply UV/LED Base Coat, Cure.
4.  Apply UV/LED Top Coat, Cure.

You will need to apply the Thermochromic Liquid with a standard Gel Brush or Liner depending on the design or effect you want.

Please note, you are purchasing a 2gm jar of Thermochromic Liquid, it needs to be applied sparingly.