Files – NQR Diamond Sponge File Rhombus 100/180 Grit 10pk

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180/180 Grit Diamond Sponge File

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***Disclaimer – You are purchasing a pack of Diamond Sponge Rhombus Files that have been heavily discounted due to the fact that the paper quality is not the usual quality that Colour Me Pretty prefer to sell.  Therefore no exchange or refund will be provided on this product.
– They are most definetely still usable
– They are still sanitisable
– They are stamped 100/180 Grit however due to the paper quality this is definetely not the true grit
– You will notice the file will go blunt quicker than a normal good quality file would.***

Sponge Files are different from normal files in that they are more flexible and a little thicker.

Sponge Files are great for use in prepping Nail surfaces, you just need to ensure you use the correct grit for the correct surface.

Our Sponge Files have a Plastic Core, which makes them Sanitisable & Re-usable, therefore giving you extra for your money.