Foil Set 10

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Foil Transfer Set 10

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Foil Transfers – Set of 10 – Comes in Clear Plastic Container

Team these up with our Foil Transfer Gel and your nails will take on a whole new world.  Foil Transfer Gel Sold Seperately.

Its as easy as this.

1.  When you are ready to apply the Foils, simply brush on a thin layer of Foil Transfer Gel.  Don’t apply too thinly.
2.  Cure for 30 seconds in our CMP Galaxy Lamp.
3.  Place Foil on the nail where you want the foil to be.  Press / Smooth over the Foil with your fingers or a Silicone Tool or something similar that won’t tear the Foil you are trying to transfer.  When you think you have pressed the Foil enough simply just pull it away.  Voila!  The Foil print should have successfully transferred over to the nail.
4.  Apply our CMP Top Coat in a Gloss or Velvet, ensuring that you encapsulate the Foil especially if you have applied it to the entire surface of the nail in order to seal the Foil in.
5.  Cure.

***Troubleshooting – Some foils don’t adhere easily with the foil transfer gel as per the above instructions.  So try this extra step after curing at step 2.  Apply a small amount of cleanser to a wipe and quickly wipe the inhibition layer of the cured foil transfer gel.  This has been known to make transfer foils adhere better. ***

Please Note –
Gel Polish requires shaking every single time you use it.
Ensure it is stored and used away from any form of UV light, including Overhead Lamps, Curing Lamps, Windows etc
Ensure you do not let product come into contact with skin.
Keep all coats very thin.

Lamp Cure Times
UV -36 Watt Wavelength 200nm – 400nm Cure each coat for 2 minutes
LED – 12 Watt Wavelength 400nm – 450nm Cure each coat for 1 minute
CMP Galaxy Lamp – 54 Watt Wavelength 365nm – 405nm Cure each coat for 30 seconds