Nail Art Brush Liner Set of 3

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Liner Nail Art Brushes: Creativity with Precision and Versatility!
Experience the art of precision with our Liner Nail Art Brushes. The ultimate tools for achieving intricate details and precise lines in your nail art masterpieces. With assorted lengths available, you can find the perfect brush to suit your needs and unleash your creativity like never before.
These brushes are specially designed with fine, tapered bristles that allow for precise control and smooth application of your nail art designs. Whether you’re a professional nail artist or a nail enthusiast, these brushes will become your go-to tools for creating stunning lines, intricate patterns, and delicate details.
Crafted with quality and versatility in mind, our Liner Nail Art Brushes are available in assorted lengths. The varying brush lengths provide options to match your preferred style and technique. Whether you’re working on short nails or long extensions, you can find the perfect brush length to achieve the desired level of precision.
Designed to make your nail art process effortless and enjoyable, versatility is key, and our Liner Nail Art Brushes deliver. They are suitable for various nail art techniques, including freehand designs, outlining, fine details, and intricate patterns. Whether you’re creating delicate floral designs, geometric patterns, or intricate swirls, these brushes will be your trusted companions in bringing your artistic visions to life.
Liner Brush Short – Hair Length 0.8cm
Liner Brush Medium – Hair Length 1.0cm
Liner Brush Long – Hair Length 1.2cm 
CMP Brush Cleanser Gel truly is the best product for keeping your brushes clean and in shape.
CMP Brush Cleanser Gel Instructions
Use the handy dropper handle to drop a few drops of Brush Cleanser Gel on a tile and lather your brush in it, patting it into the tile and flipping it up the other way repeating the patting motions to help rid the brush of any product you have just used, then simply wipe clean using a lint free wipe.  Repeat this process until all product is removed from the bristles.  If the brush is old and has plenty of product in the bristles, you may need to repeat this several times to get rid of it all, however going forward it will be much a quicker process. Dip your brush into a small amount of Brush Cleanser Gel and leave wipe any excess cleanser onto a wipe and shape it back to its original form.  Store brush bristles down and keep it away from UV light.  By leaving a tiny amount of cleanser in the bristles you are conditioning your brush rather than allowing it to dry out.  Avoid using any alcohol products as they will tend to dry out your brushes.
Extra Tips for caring for your brushes
**Designate your brush for use with either Acrylic or Gel. Don’t use more than 1 medium with the 1 brush.**

**When using your brush with gel, simply wipe clean of majority of product with a clean wipe. It would be almost impossible to remove all gel from the bristles, so this is ok if some gel does remain. However you must ensure the brush is stored appropriately to stop it from ruining.**

**Store Your Brush either horizontally flat or vertically upside down.**

**Ensure you keep your brushes away from UV light including windows, lamps etc.**