Sponge Dauber Set of 40

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Sponge Daubers – Set of 40

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Become a Gel Polish Ombre Expert with our set of 40 Sponge Daubers.

They come complete with their own plastic case these guys will assist you in creating an amazing Gel Polish Ombre in no time.

Check out our tutorial in our Product Group for how to use them or simply read below.


You have a couple of choices here.

1.  You could apply 1 of your Gel Polish colours that you wish to Ombre to 2/3 of the nail and cure.  Repeat as needed to get the depth of colour desired.  Then apply the other Gel Polish to 1/3 of the nail starting from the other end and cure.  Repeat as needed to get the depth of colour desired.  Apply the second colour to a Sponge Dauber and sponge the colour onto the nail from the 1/3 area up towards to the centre and cure.  Repeat this step as needed to get that perfect ombre/blend.

Please Note – Using this method you may end up exposing your client to product, so please be sure to apply a product like our Mess No More which is a latex removable tape to the surrounding skin prior to starting to ombre to protect the skin.

Please Note –
Gel Polish requires shaking every single time you use it.
Ensure it is stored and used away from any form of UV light, including Overhead Lamps, Curing Lamps, Windows etc
Ensure you do not let product come into contact with skin.
Keep all coats very thin.

Lamp Cure Times
UV -36 Watt Wavelength 200nm – 400nm Cure each coat for 2 minutes
LED – 12 Watt Wavelength 400nm – 450nm Cure each coat for 1 minute
CMP Galaxy Lamp – 54 Watt Wavelength 365nm – 405nm Cure each coat for 30 seconds