Swatches – Square Sticks 50 pcs Black

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Square Shape Nail Swatch Sticks: Showcase Your Gel Polish Colour or Nail Art Collection
Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect gel polish shade? Say goodbye to the guesswork and welcome our Square Shaped Nail Swatch—a must-have tool for every nail enthusiast and professional.
Experience the convenience and organization of our Nail Swatch Sticks. These square-shaped sticks are designed to display and organize your Gel Polish collection with precision and elegance. Each stick features a curved, square surface that allows you to easily apply and display the colour of your gel polish, giving you a clear and accurate representation of how it will look on your nails.
Our Nail Swatch Sticks are also perfect for showcasing your nail art collection. Use the nail swatches to practise designs and techniques and then show case them to your clients so they are aware of your talents.
The square shape enables you to easily arrange and store them in a neat and compact manner, whether it’s on a display rack or in a storage box. No more rummaging through a pile of gel polish bottles—simply glance at your swatch sticks and select the perfect shade for your next manicure.
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