Xtens Precision Nozzel Applicator

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This Patent Pending Applicator is sure to take your application to even higher levels.

Fits all Xtens 2 oz Refill Bottles.

Trust me when I say “YOU NEED THIS APPLICATOR”


Click here for our Xtens Nail System Application Video as well as other CMP Product Demo Videos


Colour Me Pretty are thrilled to be an Australia stockist for Xtens Nail System.


The Xtens Nail System will save you time & money in salon with its ease of Application & affordable pricing.

Xtensions are the FIRST Tips worldwide that are made from Gel, not Plastic and our G2 Xtensions are all pre-roughened for your convenience.

Xtens Nail System has been created by Nail Techs with more than 6 years of Research & Development in a live salon environment.

Xtens Nail System Application Instructions

  1. Size all Xtensions (Xtens Tips) to the client’s nails. If the nail plate is in between Xtension sizes, always go with the bigger of the two sizes and just file the sides down to fit. Xtensions should fit nicely, sidewall to sidewall without having to apply pressure. If you are using our G1 Xtensions (Pointed), you will need to roughen the underside of each Xtension to help with adhesion. You only need to roughen the area of the Xtension where it will come into contact with the nail plate.  All G2 Xtensions are pre-roughened.
  2. Prep nails. Make sure to remove all true cuticle from the nail plate.  This assists with adhesion and helps to prevent lifting.
    For client’s with upward sloping or extremely curved nails, trim back all, natural nail free edge.
    For client’s with normal nails, it is preferable to leave a small natural nail free edge.
  3. Apply Xtens® N sparingly to the natural nail and to the underside roughened area of the Xtension. Allow the Xtens® N to dry completely before proceeding.
  4. Apply a small bead of Xtens® B Thick, Thin or Pink to the underside, cuticle end of the Xtension. Keep in mind applying too much product here will cause the underside to flood when you adhere the Xtension to the nail.  Not enough product will leave gaps between the nail plate and the Xtension and can lead to contraindications for the client.  It is a good idea to practise getting this amount accurate.
  5. Position the clients finger on the Crystal Finger Support. Always use the Crystal Finger Support to ensure you apply proper pressure and have a free hand for flash curing.
    Hold the Xtension in one hand and your Xtens Torch in your other hand, ready to flash cure.
  6. Apply the Xtension at a 45-degree angle, less than 1mm from the cuticle and press the Xtension downward. As your pressing the Xtension down, keep constant pressure on the back of the cuticle edge of the Xtension and the Xtens® B will spread out to cover the entire nail plate.  Ensure the Xtension is straight and has no air bubbles underneath it.  Flash cure using the Xtens Torch for 7-10 secs.  Both of your hands are now occupied which is why the Crystal Finger Support is crucial in ensuring the Xtension is applied correctly.
  7. Repeat Xtension Application to all other fingers (Steps 3 & 6).
  8. After you finish applying and flash curing the Xtensions, flip the hands over and clean any uncured excess Xtens® B with alcohol and a brush. If it has cured, you will need to e-file the excess product to remove it.
  9. Cure the Xtensions in your Colour Me Pretty Galaxy Lamp. We recommend 60 seconds for a full cure.
  10. Use the Xtens Diamond File, to file the Xtensions into shape. If you need to shorten the length of the Xtensions, use only scissors or nail clippers to do so. Do it in 2 side movements to ensure you do not compromise the adhesion of the Xtension.  Do not use Tips Cutters as they will cause the Xtension to flex and lift from the nail plate.
  11. Blend the Xtensions to the natural nail using a file of your preference (e-file or hand file). Handy Tip – To remove the number from the underside of the Xtension, apply a tiny amount of Top Coat to the number and cure it.  The number will disappear.
  12. Remove all dust from the surface of each nail.
  13. Apply Xtens B Thick or Thin to the entire nail, filling in the gap between the Xtension and the cuticle. HOWEVER, remember to keep product off the cuticles and side walls.  If you need to add more thickness/build/structure to the nail, then repeat the application of Xtens B over the Xtension, Curing each layer, until you achieve your desired result.
  14. Examine the nails to determine if you need to finish file. Remove the inhibition layer before filing using Cleanser Plus or alcohol.  After filing, ensure you remove all dust from the nails.
    **When you are happy with the build of the nail, you need to choose how to finish the service**
  15. If you are leaving the nail as it is, then simply apply a thin coat of Xtens Glass Top Coat and Cure.
  16. If you want to add colour, then just apply a thin coat of your favourite Colour Me Pretty Gel Polish to each nail and Cure. Apply as many coats of Gel Polish as you desire, curing each layer.
  17. Apply a thin coat of Xtens Glass Top Coat, or your favourite Colour Me Pretty Top Coat, ensuring you cap the free edge and Cure. Finish your beautiful set of Xtens Nails by applying your favourite Colour Me Pretty Cuticle Oil to the surrounding skin.


DISCLAIMER: It is up to you to ensure you educate yourself regarding proper sanitation & use of the aforementioned implements, guides & products.  Incorrect use can cause severe damage and infection.  It is important that you do not over work your nails.  At no time should what you do inflict pain, draw blood, or cause infection.  Incorrect use, overuse or mismanagement of the products mentioned in this document is not the liability of Colour Me Pretty Nails & Accessories, Melissa Elliott, their associates, agents, or employees.