UV/LED – Decor Adhesive Gel 8ml

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CMP Decor Adhesion Gel: The Essential Solution for Secure and Stunning Nail Art!
Do your nail art elements not stay in place? Do you want to create captivating designs that last? Look no further than CMP Decor Adhesion Gel, the game-changing solution for flawless adhesion with crystals, decals, nail art, and so much more. Say goodbye to the frustration of elements shifting or falling off, and say hello to long-lasting, breathtaking nail art with Decor Adhesion Gel.
Experience the magic of Decor Adhesion Gel’s exceptional formula. Specifically engineered for superior adhesion, this gel creates a powerful bond between your nail enhancements and the decorative elements you apply. Whether you’re working with crystals, decals, nail foils, or any other embellishments, Decor Adhesion Gel ensures they stay securely in place, even with the demands of everyday life.
Unleash your creativity and explore a world of possibilities with Decor Adhesion Gel. Whether you’re a nail professional or an avid DIY enthusiast, this gel is your secret weapon for achieving flawless nail art that stays put. Create intricate designs, stunning patterns, or eye-catching accents with confidence, knowing that Decor Adhesion Gel will keep your creations intact and dazzling.
Experience the difference of secure and long-lasting nail art with Decor Adhesion Gel. Whether you’re aiming to make a statement for a special occasion or want your nail art to withstand everyday activities, this gel has you covered.

Instructions for Use
Using a Dotting Tool or something similar with a small end (Toothpicks work great), pick up a small amount of Decor Gel. Place it either where you want to sit your Crystal/Decal on the nail or place it on the back of the Crystal/Decal. Place the Crystal/Decal in place on the nail. Repeat for as many Crystals or Decals as you want to apply. Once you are happy with the position of the Crystals/Decals, Cure as per below recommended curing times.

We have done our absolute best to photograph these colours as true to life as we can however some colours can be a little deceiving and tricky.  Check the description of each colour to verify the colour,  or refer to our swatching videos on our gallery website, or refer to our Facebook Product support group to help verify colours or contact us directly at our Social Media Message Services.


For assistance on how to use our products refer to our Product Demo videos on our gallery website.


Please Note –
Gel Polish requires shaking/stirring every single time you use it.
Ensure it is stored and used away from any form of UV light, including Overhead Lamps, Curing Lamps, Windows etc
Ensure you do not let product come into contact with skin.
Keep all coats very thin.

Lamp Cure Times
CMP Galaxy Lamp – 54 Watt Wavelength 365nm – 405nm Cure each coat for 30 seconds
CMP Aurora Lamp – 96 Watt Wavelength 365nm – 405nm Cure each coat for 30 seconds
UV -36 Watt Wavelength 200nm – 400nm Cure each coat for 2 minutes
LED – 12 Watt Wavelength 400nm – 450nm Cure each coat for 1 minute