Sponge Dauber Set of 40

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Experience the versatility and precision of our Sponge Daubers. These specially designed daubers fit comfortably on your fingertips, allowing for effortless control and precise application. The soft and sponge-like texture of the daubers ensures smooth and even distribution of gel polish or whatever product/medium your using, creating flawless gradients, ombre effects, and intricate designs with ease.
Crafted with the highest quality standards, our Sponge Daubers are made from premium materials that are safe and gentle on your nails. The sponge heads are designed to absorb just the right amount of product, preventing wastage, and ensuring consistent results. Whether you’re a nail technician or a nail art enthusiast, these daubers will become your go-to tools for achieving professional-looking designs.
Whether you’re creating floral patterns, abstract designs, or intricate gradients, these daubers will help you achieve stunning and unique nail art creations that will make your nails stand out from the crowd.

1.  You could apply 1 of your Gel Polish colours that you wish to Ombre to 2/3 of the nail and cure.  Repeat as needed to get the depth of colour desired.  Then apply the other Gel Polish to 1/3 of the nail starting from the other end and cure.  Repeat as needed to get the depth of colour desired.  Apply the second colour to a Sponge Dauber and sponge the colour onto the nail from the 1/3 area up towards to the centre and cure.  Repeat this step as needed to get that perfect ombre/blend.

Please Note – Using this method you may end up exposing your client to product, so please be sure to apply a product like our Mess No More which is a latex removable tape to the surrounding skin prior to starting to ombre to protect the skin.