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You Are Purchasing Mermaid Treasure which is a Mermaid Colour – Only Sold Individually.

Immerse yourself in the whimsical allure of the ocean’s melody with four captivating gel polish colours, each a separate chapter of the same enchanting sea fable. Not available as a collection, but rather as individual tokens of the deep’s treasures, these polishes bring forth the essence of mermaid legends—their tears, their laughter, and their mythical grace. Each bottle is an oceanic concoction brimming with super sparkly, holographic, and mixed glitters, reflecting the ceaseless dance of light through water.

Let’s unveil the magic of each unique hue:

Mermaid Tears:
Find solace in the shimmering solitude of “Mermaid Tears,” a gel polish as poignant as it is beautiful. This captivating blue is suffused with the holographic glitters of a mermaid’s sorrow, reflecting the vast spectrum of the sea’s depths. Each application is an homage to the poignant moments of oceanic lore, capturing the haunting loveliness of a tear shed in the moonlit surf.

Mermaid Treasure:
Every nail becomes a coveted jewel with “Mermaid Treasure,” a treasure trove of aquatic beauty encapsulated in a bottle. As vibrant blue, sparkling like the rarest gem, this polish boasts mixed glitters that emulate the glisten of undiscovered bounty hidden beneath the waves, a blue that promises adventures and untold riches at the brush of a hand.

Mermaid Vibes:
Ride the playful current with “Mermaid Vibes,” a jubilant pink that catches the jovial spirit of those mystical sea maidens. Infused with a lively blend of holographic and mixed glitters, this shade captures the effervescence of sun-kissed waves and the iridescence of a mermaid’s fin dashing through the coral. It’s not just a colour, but an attitude—a celebration of life beneath the sea’s shimmering surface.

Step into the spellbinding allure of “Mermazing,” a gel polish that truly earns its name with a royal purple hue fit for a mermaid queen. Behold the holographic and mixed glitters within, which echo the mystery and enchantment of underwater kingdoms. Ablaze with the twilight colours of the deep, this purple will adorn your nails with the majesty and mystique of mermaid folklore.

Each shade in this mesmerizing selection stands as a testament to the legendary beauty of the merfolk. Whether you choose the silent depth of “Mermaid Tears,” the glittering promise of “Mermaid Treasure,” the frolicking delight of “Mermaid Vibes,” or the regal charm of “Mermazing,” your nails will whisper tales of a hidden world, where every glint of light is a story, and every colour sings the ballad of the sea.

We have done our absolute best to photograph these colours as true to life as we can however some colours can be a little deceiving and tricky.  Check the description of each colour to verify the colour,  or refer to our swatching videos on our gallery website, or refer to our Facebook Product support group to help verify colours or contact us directly at our Social Media Message Services.

For assistance on how to use our products refer to our Product Demo videos on our gallery website.

Please Note –
Gel Polish requires shaking/stirring every single time you use it.
Ensure it is stored and used away from any form of UV light, including Overhead Lamps, Curing Lamps, Windows etc
Ensure you do not let product come into contact with skin.
Keep all coats very thin.

Lamp Cure Times
CMP Galaxy Lamp – 54 Watt Wavelength 365nm – 405nm Cure each coat for 30 seconds
CMP Aurora Lamp – 96 Watt Wavelength 365nm – 405nm Cure each coat for 30 seconds
UV -36 Watt Wavelength 200nm – 400nm Cure each coat for 2 minutes
LED – 12 Watt Wavelength 400nm – 450nm Cure each coat for 1 minute