Latest Update 30/10/2017

Hi Everyone,

Just wanting to update you all on what we have been working on behind the scenes at CMP.

We have been trialling several dip systems for some time now. We aren’t 100% happy with it yet due to the Top Coats being too temperamental in their finishes. We are finding the finish matte looking sometimes, rather than glossy, so until I can find why and fix it so that it finishes Glossy every single time, then I am not prepared to go any further with it. Unless a product¬†is fabulous in every aspect, I won’t stock it.

We ARE adding new ART products to our range. Paint Gels, 3D Gels, Artistic Gel (Foiling Gel). We hope to have these before Christmas. We have trialled several brands in our art products and settled on the best of the best. We know you will love the ease of them and especially the price point!

Our fabulously talented CMP Educators are working on some amazingly brilliant easy designs to teach you all in our 2018 classes. Stay tuned for more info on this and the official announcement of our CMP Educators.

At CMP I am always working behind the scenes to bring you all new colours. Keeping our range fresh and current with the latest trends is a huge priority for me. I bring out new colours often and randomly. It is a pure coincidence if you place an order the day I release products. I do apologise if you feel this does happen to you though.

Lastly but SOOOOOO not leastly, we have been trialling another AMAZING new product. Its a CORE Product, and I won’t be saying too much about it yet as we are still in the final stages of testing it out. When we test, we test for ease of application, durability, removal and much more. So far this product is ticking all the right boxes!!!

This new product has revolutionary new technology, everything about it appears to be AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to reveal it to you all, again provided it continues to tick every box. Eeeeeeekkkkk!!!!

Ohhhh so many exciting things to come. Ensure you follow our Facebook Page and keep glued to this group to stay updated on our progress.

Mel xx