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Our CMP Galaxy Lamp is making a comeback.

Please say Hello to our very own Colour Me Pretty Galaxy Lamp. This lamp is exactly what you’ve been looking for and we are stoked to be able to bring it to you.

I personally visited the Lamp Manufacturers Factory and inspected for myself, the Exquisite Workmanship, High Quality Parts and High Quality Procedures and Processes followed during the making of these fabulously, stylish lamps. We too have been testing the durability and reliability of the lamps over the past couple of months and we are pleased to report they are AMAZING!!! I stand by them 100%. So much so that the manufacturer provides a 6 month warranty on mechanical performance of the lamp. Colour Me Pretty will also be honouring this 6 month warranty from date of purchase. (The warranty does not cover wear & tear or dropping/mishandling of the machine).

Our Galaxy Lamps are made from ABS Plastic which helps to make them as scratch resistant as possible. ABS Plastic also means they are lightweight yet sturdy and durable enough to get the job done.

Our Galaxy Lamp will cure our Colour Me Pretty Gel Polish in 30 seconds. We would advise with some highly pigmented colours (for example red) that you perform your own test to determine if you need to extend cure time out to 60 seconds.
The Galaxy Lamp has a huge LCD Display Screen, so no counting or squinting to see how long you have left to cure.
It features an Automatic Sensor that turns the machine on and starts the timer counting upwards the minute you place a hand inside the machine. The Automatic Sensor will then turn the machine off when the hand is removed from the machine. Press one of the timer buttons and the lamp will turn on and begin counting down the time on the LCD Display.
The Galaxy Lamp Features:
* 30 Second Cure for CMP Gel Polishes
* Removable Tray for Ease of Cleaning
* Large LCD Display Screen
* Heat Dissipation Holes – to help cool the machine
* Automatic Sensor turns machine on & off when a hand is entered & removed
* Automatic Sensor – Starts/Ends Timer
* 4 Timer Buttons 10/30/60 & 99sec Low Heat Mode
* Beads precisely positioned for even curing, particularly in thumb area
* AU Plug (approx 144cm long)
* Will easily fit a Full Hand or Foot
* Made from ABS Plastic making it Strong yet Lightweight
* Exquisite workmanship
The Galaxy Lamp Specifications:
Power: 54w/48w
Colour: White
Timer: 10/30/60secs & Low Heat Mode
Lifetime: Approx 50,000hours
Cures: UV & LED Gel
Wave Length: 365nm+405nm
Rated input: 100-240V,50-60hz
Rated output: DC12V

6 month Warranty on Mechanical Performance of the Lamp. Misuse will not be covered.