Training Hand (Posable)

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Every nail tech needs a hand!!!  One of our “Posable Hands”!!

One of our latest stock additions is this fantastic silicone Posable Hand and Clamp Set.  The fingers will move in any direction and we promise you your posable hand will never ever pull away from you or try to use their phone, or not relax as your creating your magic.

The double ended clamp easily secures the wrist on the posable hand ensuring that your posable hand won’t move anywhere or slip and slide.  The clamp on the other end can be attached to any surface to ensure that your posable hand is sitting still.  Simply unclamp the clamp to position your posable hand the best way for photographs.

Your posable hand is so lifelike that you can even dress her up with rings & bracelets.  Our Posable Hand is a Right Hand and comes in only he one shade.

We do recommend securing a short tip to each nail by sliding the majority of the tip into the cuticle area of your hands fingers.  Then apply a normal size tip to the smaller tip and work on that.  This will ensure you don’t ruin your posable hand by adhering a tip to the hand itself and then have to find a way to remove it.

Length from Wrist to Tip of Middle Finger – 19cm
Width from Thumb to Little Finger – 10.5cm
Width of Little Finger Nail Plate – 9mm
Width of Ring Finger Nail Plate – 11mm
Width of Middle Finger Nail Plate – 12mm
Width of Pointer Finger Nail Plate – 11mm
Width of Thumb Nail Plate –  15mm