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Aurora Cordless LED Lamp: Experience Unparalleled Freedom and Power in Nail Curing!
Are you tired of being tied down by cords while curing your nails? Are you seeking a powerful and convenient solution for flawless gel and gel polish curing? Look no further than the Aurora Cordless LED Lamp 96watt in Ombre Purple to Pink—a stunning blend of colours that will not only provide exceptional curing power but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your nail space. Its sleek and stylish design will instantly enhance the visual appeal of your nail station, turning it into a true focal point.
Experience the freedom of the Aurora Cordless LED Lamp. With its cutting-edge technology, this lamp offers the ultimate convenience without compromising on performance. No more hassle with tangled cords or limited mobility. Now you can enjoy the flexibility to move around, work comfortably, and even take your nail sessions on the go.
Featuring an impressive 96 watts of power, the Aurora Cordless LED Lamp ensures speedy and efficient curing. Its advanced LED bulbs emit a perfect balance of light, providing uniform and consistent curing across your nails. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to stunningly cured nails in record time.
The Aurora Cordless LED Lamp is designed with user-friendly features that enhance your nail care experience. Its large, spacious interior accommodates the curing of all finger sizes, ensuring complete coverage and precise results. The built-in timer allows you to customize curing times, while the automatic sensor activation ensures effortless operation.
With its sleek and compact design, the Aurora Cordless LED Lamp effortlessly complements any salon or personal space. Its portable and lightweight nature makes it an ideal companion for mobile nail technicians or those who love to enjoy professional-quality nails wherever they go.
Upgrade your nail curing experience today with the Aurora Cordless LED Lamp. Experience the convenience, power, and freedom that this innovative technology brings.

It is recommended to charge the Aurora Cordless Lamp overnight for 7 hours for a full charge.The Aurora Cordless Lamp Features:

The Aurora Lamp Features:

* 30-60 Second Cure for CMP Gel Polishes
* Mirror Interior for even light distribution
* Magnetic Removable Stainless Steel Base Plate for Ease of Cleaning/Pedicures
* Large Dual Battery Volume @ 15600mA
* Large LCD Display Screen
* Heat Dissipation Holes – to help cool the machine
* Motion Activated LED Lights
* Automatic Sensor – Starts/Ends Timer
* 4 Timer Buttons 10/30/60 & 90sec
* On/Off Switch to help save battery time
* Beads precisely positioned for even curing particularly in thumb area
* One charge should last approx 3 hours of use
* AU Plug/Charger (length is approx 138cm)
* Will easily fit a Full Hand or Foot
* Light and compact
* Portable handle
* Exquisite workmanship
* 6 month warranty
The Aurora Cordless Lamp Specifications:
Size: 22.5*20.5*9.5cm
Power: 96W
Colour: Pink Gradient
Timer: 10/30/60/90sec
Battery: 15600mA
Cures: UV & LED Gel
Wave Length: 365nm+405nm
Adapter:       Rated input: 100-240V,50-60hz       Rated output: DC12V

6 month Warranty on Mechanical Performance of the Lamp. Misuse will not be covered.