UV/LED – Foil Transfer Gel 10ml

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CMP Foil Transfer Gel – Your New Foiling Bestie!!
This innovative gel formula is specially designed to enhance the adhesion of foil transfers, allowing you to create stunning and eye-catching nail art with ease.
CMP Foil Transfer Gel is a game-changer in the world of nail art. Its advanced formulation ensures optimal transfer of foil designs onto your nails, resulting in vibrant and intricate patterns that truly stand out. With this gel, you can elevate your nail designs to a whole new level, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your manicure.
Say goodbye to foil transfer mishaps and hello to precise and flawless designs. CMP Foil Transfer Gel provides the perfect adhesive base for foil transfers, ensuring maximum adherence and longevity. The gel’s tacky consistency allows the foil to bond effortlessly to your nails, resulting in smooth and seamless transfers that look professionally done.
Not only does CMP Foil Transfer Gel offer exceptional adhesion, but it also provides a durable and long-lasting hold. Its formula forms a strong bond between the foil and your nails, preventing premature lifting or fading. Your nail art will remain intact and vibrant, allowing you to enjoy your stunning designs for an extended period.
Applying CMP Foil Transfer Gel is quick and easy. Simply apply a coat (not too thin) onto clean and dry nails and cure it under a UV or LED lamp. Once cured, the gel will become tacky and ready for the foil transfer process. Place your desired foil design onto the gel, press gently, and peel away to reveal an awe-inspiring result.
Whether you’re a nail artist or a DIY enthusiast, CMP Foil Transfer Gel is a must-have addition to your nail art collection. It allows you to unleash your creativity and experiment with a wide range of foil designs, from intricate patterns to holographic effects. Let your nails become a canvas for stunning and captivating artistry.
Experience the power of CMP Foil Transfer Gel and take your nail art to new heights. Say goodbye to ordinary nail designs and hello to extraordinary foil creations. Order your CMP Foil Transfer Gel today and unlock the secret to flawless and mesmerizing nail art!

Try applying our foils with our Foil Transfer Gel and see just how easy it is.
Foil Transfers Sold Seperately.

1.  When you are ready to apply the Foils, simply brush on a thin layer of Foil Transfer Gel.  Don’t apply too thinly.
2.  Cure for 30 seconds in our CMP Galaxy Lamp.
3.  Place Foil on the nail where you want the foil to be.  Press / Smooth over the Foil with your fingers or a Silicone Tool or something similar that won’t tear the Foil you are trying to transfer.  When you think you have pressed the Foil enough simply just pull it away.  Voila!  The Foil print should have successfully transferred over to the nail.
4.  Apply our CMP Top Coat in a Gloss or Velvet, ensuring that you encapsulate the Foil especially if you have applied it to the entire surface of the nail in order to seal the Foil in.
5.  Cure.

***Troubleshooting – Some foils don’t adhere easily with the foil transfer gel as per the above instructions.  So try this extra step after curing at step 2.  Apply a small amount of cleanser to a wipe and quickly wipe the inhibition layer of the cured foil transfer gel.  This has been known to make transfer foils adhere better. ***