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CMP Crystals: Sparkling Elegance for Your Nail Art Creations!
Experience the beauty and versatility of CMP Crystals. Each crystal is meticulously crafted from high-quality glass, ensuring exceptional clarity and shine. Whether you’re creating intricate designs, dazzling accents, or statement nail art, these crystals are the perfect choice to add that extra touch of elegance.
With five different sizes available, CMP Crystals offer endless possibilities for your creativity. From delicate and subtle embellishments to bold and eye-catching designs, you can easily customize your nail art to suit any occasion or style. Let your imagination run wild as you create stunning manicures that truly reflect your unique personality.
The approximate count of 750 crystals in each set of containers ensures that you have an abundant supply to fuel your creative journey. Whether you’re a professional nail artist or a DIY enthusiast, CMP Crystals provide ample quantity to bring your nail art visions to life.
These exquisite crystals are easy to apply. Simply use CMP Décor Adhesive Gel to secure them onto your nails. Their flat-back design allows for effortless application and ensures a comfortable and long-lasting wear.
Upgrade your nail art game today with CMP Crystals. Experience the brilliance and sophistication that these glass crystals bring to your nail art creations.
Sparkle with confidence. Get your hands on CMP Crystals and let your nails shine like never before. Glass Crystals supplied in convenient adjoining jars. Each size in its own jar. Whilst these babies aren’t Swarovski the shine/sparkle they throw will have you thinking you are wearing Swarovski’s.
Each set contains the following quantities –
SS4 – Approx 200
SS6 – Approx 200
SS8 – Approx 150
SS10 – Approx 100
SS12 – Approx 100